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Four J’s Community Living Center, Inc. Home and Community-based Services (HCS) program provides individualized services and supports to people with intellectual disabilities who are living with their families, in their own homes or in other community settings, such as small group homes where no more than four people live. The local authority provides service coordination.

We provide HCS services, read more about our residential options below.

Residential Support Services

Eligible participants live in a home like environment with three or four individuals. There is 24 hour awake shift staff that assists individuals with medications, dressing, cooking, bathing, community integration and transportation to appointments. This plan will be looked at once a year to see if it still works for you and changes can be made as needed.

Supervised Living

Provides habilitation, supervision and availability of a service provider staff to help the individual during normal sleeping hours in a group home setting. Individuals are responsible for room and board.

Foster Care Companion

Habilitation services are provided to individuals of all ages in a home-like environment as an alternative to living in a group home. Individuals are responsible for room and board.

Supported Home Living

Provides assistance to individuals living in their own or family homes. Services include assistance with learning retaining, or improving skills related to activities of daily living such as personal grooming and cleanliness, bed making and household chores, preparing and eating food, and the social and adaptive skills necessary to allow individuals to live in their own homes in the community.


Provides short-term services to individuals who cannot care for themselves, furnished because of the absence of or need for relief of the unpaid primary caregiver. Respite services are provided both in home out of home and are limited to 30 days, or 300 hours per year. Each individual living in their family home as determined by individual needs is eligible for respite services to include:
• Assisting with training in self-help and independent living skills
• Provision of room and board when provided overnight in a setting other than the person’s normal residence
• Support for emergency or planned short-term care
• Support on a 24-hour increment or any part of that increment for no more than 30 days per year
• Assistance with Securing and providing transportation.

Other services we offer

Counseling and Therapeutic Services

Each individual is eligible for counseling and therapeutic services as determined by individual needs including:
• Audiology services
• Speech/language pathology services
• Occupational Therapy services
• Dietary services
• Social Work services
• Psychology services

Dental Treatment

Each adult individual as determined by individual needs is eligible for dental services including:
• Emergency dental treatment
• Preventive dental treatment
• Therapeutic dental treatment
• Orthodontic dental treatment, excluding cosmetic orthodontia.

Adaptive Aids

Each individual as determined by individual needs and authorized by the Interdisciplinary Team based on documentation from a licensed specialist as necessary and appropriate to meet the specific needs of the individual is eligible for adaptive aids including:
• Lifts
• Mobility aids
• Control switches/pneumatic switches and devices
• Environmental control units
• Medically necessary supplies
• Communication aids
• Repair and maintenance not covered by the warranty.

Minor Home Modification

Each individual based on individual needs as necessary for the health and safety of the individual is eligible for minor home modifications including:
• Purchase and repair of wheelchair ramps
• Modification/additions to bathroom facilities
• Modification/additions to kitchen facilities
• Specialized accessibility and safety adaptations/additions, including repair and maintenance.
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